Family-friendly field festival plus community-wide events
Shining a light on our historic Border region

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What's On?

As well as the music festival held at Stones Barn in Bewcastle, there are other
community events round about too 
Our Festival
We have legendary, international and acclaimed artists on this year's line-up. Michael Chapman, Jim Causley, Rory Mcleod, The Bailey Sisters, Hicks and Goulbourn... the list goes on.... click here ​
Other Community Events
Wellie throwing, sheep dog demonstration, flower show, hedgerow and history walks, craft fair, tractor show... and more.. MORE INFO COMING SOON
  1. Why Forgotten Lands?
    The Forgotten Lands has come to be what we call our beloved Borderlands to the West. It is a stunningly wild, sparsely beautiful and completely unspoiled area but it is also Cumbria's best kept secret.
  2. Historic Bewcastle
    Our small, rural parish is home to the ruin of a strategic Roman fort, a Norman church, a famous headless Celtic Cross, a museum, intact lime kilns and stunning fells.
  3. Shedding Light
    This area of Cumbria is little known and sparsely populated which makes it both a joyous and challenging place to live and work. We hold these events to shed light on this wonderful historic area and its strong community.


June 7th-9th 2019 @ Stones Barn, Bewcastle, Cumbria
A weekend ticket to the music festival is a £30 suggested donation. If you want to support us, buy yours in advance here ...
camping/motorhome/camper tickets cost 10 per plot for the whole weekend
Parking for non-weekend pass holders is £10 (payable on arrival)
The Festival is held at Stones Barn in Bewcastle. Go here for map, postcode and
please also download directions (highly recommended)